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Abrasive Media

Except blasting glass beads, we also supply the relative material for industrial, like brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, and steel shot,the products will be rich as customer requirements, we will give a one-stop solution for abrasive material.

Abrasives are widely used in industry, especially when machining parts with high precision or low roughness or especially hard parts, abrasive media and bulk sandblasting media are indispensable. In addition, a grinding wheel is also an essential tool for tool grinding and hard material cutting. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the piston ring and the cylinder, the valve and the valve seat closely cooperate, the transmission and the gear precision and so on, all must use the abrasive and the abrasive tool processing can guarantee. Other related new products, such as plastic bonding media for rolling mill, save time for deburring a large number of parts and improve productivity.

Brown aluminum oxide

Brown corundum abrasive, the main component is Al2O3, with medium hardness, high toughness, sharp particles, low price, suitable for processing high tensile strength metal. Microcrystalline corundum abrasive and black corundum abrasive are all derived from it.


White aluminum oxide

The hardness of white corundum abrasive is slightly higher than that of brown corundum, but its toughness is poor. It is easy to cut into the workpiece in grinding, with good self-sharpness, less heat, strong grinding ability, and high efficiency. Chrome corundum abrasive is its derivative.


Steel shot

Steel shot is a commonly used metal workpiece processing material. The steel shot is tightly organized and uniform in particle size. The treatment of the surface of the metal workpiece with a steel shot can increase the surface pressure of the metal workpiece and improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece. The use of steel shots to treat metal workpiece surfaces has the characteristics of fast cleaning speed. Steel shots and steel grits have an appropriate hardness and good resilience. The internal corners and complex shapes can be cleaned evenly and quickly, shortening the surface treatment time. To improve work efficiency, it is a good surface treatment material.

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