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  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads
  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads
  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads
  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads
  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads
  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads
  • Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads

Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads

Oil well drilling glass beads can be used in all water and oil-based drilling fluids to reduce torque and drag and to aid in the prevention of differential sticking. They should have no measurable effect on the desired properties of the mud system and can be removed by a desilter or centrifuge.

Adding and maintaining 8.0-12.0 kg/m³ of Glass Beads can achieve a reduction in torque and drag anywhere from 15.0 to 30.0%. The severity of hole problems and solids content will determine the actual concentrations required.

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Technical Data of Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads 

We recommend 2 sizes for this purpose, 50-80mesh, and 100-170mesh.

  • Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity.

  • Specific gravity:2.4-2.6g/cm3

  • Hardness:6-7

  • Compressive strength:>1200N

The Advantage of Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads

1. With rich producing experience, the oil well drilling glass beads quality can control by adjusting the furnace temperature, the induced draft fan, and cooling water, so our product roundness is very high, and the glass beads appearance is clear without bubble.

2. The chemical nature of the oil well drilling glass beads is inert and non-toxic. During use, no iron or other harmful substances remain on the surface of the workpiece, nor will it adversely affect the surrounding environment.

3. We worked with the glass factory, and choose the best raw material, it will give a promise on quality from resources.
4. It has good chemical stability and will not pollute the processed metal;
5. The surface is smooth, has a good finish, does not damage the mechanical precision of the workpiece;
6. The rounding rate is high and there is no impurity. Its testing methods are advanced, the product quality is superior, and it meets the requirements of international and domestic standards.


The Production Process of Blasting Glass Beads for Metal Cleaning and Polishing 

tenroads production process

Other Notes of Oil Well Drilling Glass Beads 

1. Keep in dry condition, no moisture

2. Package: 25kgs bags(PP/paper), or jumbo bag, with pallet.

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