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Road Marking Material

TENROADS is a Road Line Marking Materials Supplier. The road markings are divided into hot melt marking, normal temperature cold paint marking, color non-slip marking, oscillating anti-cursor line, and preformed marking. The hot melt marking line is one of the most widely used marking lines on road markings. It has a short construction time, high wear resistance and low cost.

Classification and Characteristics of Road Marking Materials

Road traffic markings are mainly placed on the road surface, subjected to sun and rain, frozen snow, and subjected to impact wear of vehicles, so there are strict requirements on their performance. Firstly, it requires a short drying time and simple operation to reduce traffic interference. Secondly, it requires strong reflection ability, bright color and strong reflection, which makes it have good visibility during day and night. Thirdly, it should have anti-slip and wear resistance. To ensure safe driving and service life.
Road Marking Materials can be used in Road marking, factory road marking, factory parking lot, underground garage marking, school road marking, living community marking and other construction projects, divided into cold paint line and hot melt line.
It adopts special cold paint for special roads, artificial spraying, uniform thickness, and clear color. Including parking spaces, no-stop yellow line areas, access lines, diversion belts, guiding arrows, etc.

Construction Process of Road Marking Paint

1. Reflective hot melt marking line, using glass microbead primer, petroleum resin hot melt coating.
2. The paint is heated in a hot melt machine, and the temperature after melting is controlled between 180 degrees and 220 degrees Celsius, and the mixture is fully stirred for about 10 minutes.
3. Mark the position and measure it, mark the position and pattern according to the design icon, and then apply the paint primer to the marked figure.
4. The hot melt coating can be applied after the primer is dry. The reflective glass beads are spread at the same time as the marking line, and the nighttime identification is increased. The thickness of the marking line is 1.5-1.8MM.


Road Marking Material:

1. Road Marking Paint

2. Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates

3. C5 Petroleum Resin

4. TENROADS will keep on supplying more road marking material for clients.

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