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  • MMA Road Marking Paint

MMA Road Marking Paint

MMA road marking paint is made after mix part A and part B coating formed by chemical cross linking reaction macro molecular network structure and curing, is different from the traditional one-component coating by physical dry membrane, thus has the regular coating can't compare with high strength, high wear resistance, high toughness, good self-cleaning, and because of the compact internal organization in surface and the glass of the same case, the back reflection coefficient is greater than the hot melt marking, especially in A large number of beads, and even surface wear beads, still have good reflective effect, effective use of life is far higher than that of hot melt marking

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Performance of MMA Road Marking Paint


The coating is easy to apply, the base material and curing agent are mixed according to the proportion when using, the coating is hard after chemical cross-linking reaction, and the ground and glass beads, rain night reflective beads have good adhesion, dry fast, wear-resistant, water-resistant, acid-alkali resistant, weather-resistant, suitable for all kinds of climate conditions. It is widely used in cement pavement and asphalt pavement for long - term marking


The Advantage of MMA Road Marking Paint


1. Summer does not deformation, winter does not fall off. The existence of cross-linking reaction also makes the marking film denser, insensitive to temperature change, and has higher mechanical strength in both high and low temperature environments. All these characteristics are conducive to improving the durability and effective life of the structural marking.

2. Omnidirectional reflection. Because of the irregular dot shape, the marking line is reflective in all directions at night. And the bump block of oscillating road marking line is very regular, reflective has the function of directional reflective. The omnidirectional reflective nature of the road makes the contours of the road clearer.

3. Repainted is better than the point mark The appearance of structural lines (dotted and slimy) is inconsistent with the traditional concept of lines. The surface of traditional road marking line is a smooth and smooth continuous plane, while the surface of structural marking line is a regular point or irregular mud. However, this characteristic of structural road marking helps to improve the anti-skid value of existing road marking. In fact, the object of marking line observation is the driving driver. The structural marking line observed under driving is consistent with the appearance of the flat and continuous plane marking line.

Other Notes of MMA Road Marking Paint 

1. Keep in dry condition, no moisture

2. Package:25kgs bags(PP/paper),or jumbo bag,with pallet.

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