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Intermix Glass Beads

Intermix glass beads are particles that are mixed in during the production of hot-melt coatings. Intermix glass beads are also called premixed beads.


The intermixed glass beads produce a constant reflectance throughout the life cycle of the marking line. The road marking material wears away with the passage of time. The glass beads for road marking mixed in the material leak on the surface, thereby maintaining a high inverse setting coefficient.


We're the leading supplier of intermix glass beads for thermoplastic road marking paint.  We provide customers with different particle sizes according to the thickness and performance requirements of the marking line. National standards like GT, BS6088, EN1424/1423, AASHTO are available!

Premix Glass Beads for Road Marking Paint

Features of Intermix Glass Beads For Road Marking Paint

The specific gravity of intermix glass beads: 2.4-2.6g/cm3
Glass bead refractive index: ≥ 1.50
The roundness of glass beads: ≥80%
Magnetic particle content: ≤0.1%
The overall appearance of the glass beads is required to be colorless.
Loose spherical particles, clean and free of impurities,
Not contain an Agglomerate

Work Principle of Intermix Glass Beads

Intermix glass beads play a necessary part in traffic safety because of their retro-reflective properties. This property lets in the motorist to truly see the pavement line markings greater truly at night and in moist conditions. When a car's headlight beam shines on a pavement marking that is integrated-embedded-saturated with intermix glass beads, the line stripes light up and come to be plenty less complicated to see at night. This effect is called the retro-reflection.

After the premix glass beads are rubbed repeatedly with the vehicle tires, the intermix glass beads on the surface will gradually wear out. At this time, the pre-mixed glass beads will be exposed, and then the reflection of the marking will be effective.

How to Use Premix Glass Beads for Road Marking

In the road paint production process, the intermix glass beads are mixed into the paint according to the weight ratio of 18-25% (refer to the Chinese transportation industry standard JT/T280-2004, different national and regional have different standards).

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