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Colored Reflective Fire Glass

Colored Glass is a beautiful medium which is created from 100% post-industrial materials, TENROADS GLASS supply wide various glass products, like glass chips, glass rocks, glass sand, transparent and colored are available, in different sizes, and for a variety of uses, from standard to Venetian, with its chunky shape, this creates a better result in applications and provides a decorative surface that is colorful. cost-effective and durable.

Overview of Colored Reflective Fire Glass


Colored decorative fire glass is a new type of luxury building decorate material, it can be used in the kitchen counter, exterior wall, courtyard, footpath, swimming pool, fire fit, terrazzo glass, screen garden, countertop and so on. 


All of our glass products are recycled glass. It is processed from various glass sources, including glass bottles, industrial and construction glass, car windshields, waste glass from glass manufacturers, etc. Some of our products are simply broken and tumbled, while other products are melted and re-processed.




Color: Clear/transparent, white, black, light blue, dark blue, aqua blue, red, yellow, light, green, amber, purple, coffee, tea, pink, jade, orange and so on.


Our Product: Decorative glass rocks, fire glass fireplace, crushed glass/mirror chipsirregular glassswimming pool glass beads, glass grits, glass granules, and other building glass products.

Product Application: Garden, swimming pool, fire pit, aquarium decoration and producing terrazzo and polished floor.


The Advantage of Colored Fire Glass For Sale

1. Beautiful: The colors are diverse and the colors are novel. The user can choose one to several colors to decorate;
2, Environmental protection: non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, non-corrosive, can be used with confidence;
3, Heat insulation: can absorb the sun's radiation and then reflect it back into the air, which can reduce the indoor temperature;
4, Permanent: no aging without maintenance, clean and bright.
5. The price is moderate, luxurious and beautiful. It is a new exterior decoration product for art sand painting, office, commercial and residential building, hotel and other buildings.

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