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The Application of the Road Marking Beads in the Parking Lot

The Application of the Road Marking Beads in the Parking Lot

1. When the driver who is unfamiliar with the internal structure and surrounding environment of the parking lot enter the parking lot, with the guidance of traffic facilities such as traffic signs and road marking bead lines, they can reach the destination quickly, accurately and safely.

2. When there is dark light in the local parking lot, the driver can quickly and accurately read the content of the sign, see the direction of the ground marking, and make corresponding judgments in advance with the road marking beads.

3. when there are many obstacles, the passages are narrow, and the viewing distance is limited, the drivers can drive safely with the warning of various traffic signs, elevation signs, and ground signs in the underground parking lot, which can eliminate and reduce unnecessary traffic accidents or the vehicle damage, and improve the management capacity and economic benefits of parking lots。

The lane dividers and arrows can be collectively called ground markings. Its function is to control and guide the traffic, adjust the position of vehicles, and be used with traffic signs. The advantage of using the ground marking line can be mainly manifested in: the good visibility in the day and night, strong adhesion to the road surface, high binding force, good wear resistance, and its affordable price. According to the characteristics of the parking lot, it will be better to use hot melt reflective road marking paint. The hot melt reflective road marking is composed of hot melt marking paint and road marking beads. It is of good visibility day and night, strong adhesion to the ground, and very durable. The parking lot is valid for more than 5 years and is a marking paint widely used at home and abroad.

The operation procedure of the hot melt reflective line is to clean up the construction site, draw the lines, check, paint the base coat, coat, and draw arrows to indicate the direction of the vehicle after the final inspection, pointing to each parking lot number such as A, B, C. According to the area, it can be divided into c01-cxx, b01-bxx, a01-axx. The unlucky numbers can be omitted, the digital fonts can be white, and the font size format can be 1000-1200 bold. Draw a no-stop box at each intersection of the traffic lane can remind the drivers of the distance of the intersection behind, and remind the vehicle that this is an important section of the road where parking is prohibited, to ensure the smooth and safe driving.

The safety design of the parking lot epoxy floor project are as follows:

1. In order to improve the visibility of the cylindrical surface of the parking lot and avoid touching the cylindrical surface when reversing, black and yellow diagonal zebra crossing signs are used at the upper 1.0-1.2 meters of the cylindrical surface.

2. The non-slip floor is used for the vehicle entrance ramp. Some parking lots have been considered during civil construction. The ground should be made of uneven ground. In this case, only the color of the vehicle tunnel needs to be painted. When the anti-skid requirements are not considered in the civil engineering design, anti-skid floors are used in the floor construction, and the appropriate size of anti-skid aggregate is selected according to the slope of the ramp.

3. A parking limiter shall be provided at the rear end of the parking space. Under the normal circumstances, the parking stop should be 1.2 meters away from the front of the parking space to ensure that the vehicle will not collide when parking, and does not affect the opening of the trunk.

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