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Characteristics and Parameters of Glass Bead Filter Media for Swimming Pool

1. The characteristics of swimming pool glass beads filter media

The glass bead filter media for swimming pool is made of 100% glass raw material as the filter medium. It is the latest generation of filter material. The interception effect of the homogeneous glass beads and the adsorption effect of the homogeneous glass beads when the water flows through. It can form high-quality and clear water after filtration, and can greatly save the amount of water used for backwashing. Its smooth surface effectively prevents the adhesion of pollutants and bacteria, reduces biofouling, and biofilm is not easy to load on the surface, which extends the effective filtration time, and the filtering effect is superior. The artificial particle size of the glass bead filter material for swimming pool is 0.6-0.8mm, and the filtration accuracy can reach 3μm.

2. Parameters of swimming pool glass beads filter media

The specific gravity of the traditional filter material quartz sand is 2.65 g/cm3, and the specific gravity of the filter material of swimming pool glass beads is 2.40 g/cm3. The recycled glass particle filter material filled in the filter is about 20% less than the quartz sand filter material, reducing the use and operating weight and cost. But from the comparison of bulk density, it can be seen that glass beads have a higher bulk density than quartz sand and cullet. That is to say, its particle gap is small, coupled with a better uniformity coefficient, the filtration accuracy will be improved.

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