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Construction Requirements for Reflective Glass Beads

The new pearlescent reflective material is a new concept of reflective material, which can overcome the defects of traditional marking and greatly improve the safety level of road marking. It can reflect brightly as usual no matter during the day or rainy night, so that the vehicle can go its own way to ensure the safety of driving at rainy night. It is a replacement product of ordinary glass beads. The embedding degree of the high-bright reflective glass beads in the reflective material reaches about 60%, and the construction amount of the high-bright reflective glass beads should be 180 ~ 200g / ㎡. After one year's use of the road marking of Penghu Expressway in Jiangxi, the brightness of the dry state remains around 200 mcd / lux / ㎡, and the brightness of the wet state remains around 150 mcd / lux / ㎡. At the same time, the high index reflective glass beads used in this reflective material have been subjected to a special anti-fouling treatment. It has excellent anti-fouling ability, and its durability has been further strengthened. While playing the safety role of road marking, it can also greatly reduce the maintenance cost of road marking in the later stage.

Construction requirements for new pearlescent reflective materials

When using new pearlescent glass beads in road marking construction, the construction process should meet the following requirements:

Ensure that the sedimentation degree of the reflective glass beads in the material reaches 50% - 60%. Excessive sedimentation will cause the initial retroreflection coefficient to be small, and insufficient sedimentation will result in insufficient fastness. At the same time, the construction dosage of reflective glass beads should be 180 ~ 200g / ㎡. The use of this reflective material has no special requirements for construction equipment, and it is suitable for all known construction equipment for reflective cursor lines. There is no need to make any modification to the construction equipment during the construction process, and just replace the ordinary glass beads directly with this material. Because the fluidity and particle size of this material are slightly different from ordinary glass beads, the parameters in the construction process should be adjusted appropriately. For spray type scribing equipment, the spray pressure of glass beads should be increased appropriately. For hot-melt scribing equipment, the spreader should be properly adjusted to adjust the melting temperature. When marking construction, marking builders can still carry out operation and construction according to their own construction methods and habits, and there is no need to add new equipment. During construction, the construction requirements shall be followed.

In summary, road traffic markings play an important role in ensuring road traffic safety. Especially in the road traffic on rainy nights, a good reflection effect can play a good role in guiding the driving of vehicles, thereby avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents. After repeated tests and road site verification, compared with ordinary hot-melt materials, the new pearlescent reflective glass beads has a significant improvement in reflective effect. On the other hand, the outstanding anti-fouling ability and durability of the new pearlescent reflective materials can reduce the risk of road marking damage, extend the maintenance period of road markings, and save a lot of costs for the later operation and maintenance of road markings. Therefore, the new pearlescent reflective material has very good application value in road marking.

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