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Fire Glass Comes in A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Fire rated glass comes in a variety of shapes, from angular to round, and everything in between. Let's follow Reflective Glass Beads Supplier TENROADS to learn about all the different types.


1. Choose your style

Primitive fire glass: This type of fire glass consists of two flat sheets of glass and is one of the most used types of fire glass.

Firebreak Glass: Primitive glass used in fire pits. This is a great all-around choice for those trying fire glass for the first time.

Flame Diamond: Diamond shapes produce a fuller flame. These are perfect for an ultra-modern look with a clean aesthetic.

Fire Bead: Fire Bead is a more modern type of glass. The round, three-dimensional texture allows for a larger flame.

Fire Point: Fire Point is our most modern glass. The small, two-dimensional shapes fit tightly together to create a more subtle flame.

Fire Block: These square blocks of fire glass are shaped like small ice cubes. Clean, straight lines create a captivating effect.

2. Choose your size

Once you've decided which fire glass appeals to you, you can choose from several different sizes. Here's what you need to know about small versus large pieces of fire rated glass. Remember that size refers to the thickness of the glass and not the length of the pieces.

1/4" and 3/8" fire glass: For a fresh, two-dimensional look and smaller, more random flames, smaller fire glass sizes are a good choice.

1/2" and 3/4" fire glass: For a more three-dimensional look and larger flames, choose larger sizes of fire glass.


3. Choose your shape

Original fire rated glass and fire rated glass beads are available in many different looks or "finishes". It is their nature and what to expect from them.

Reflective fire glass: Reflective fire glass reflects the light from the fire pit.

Semi-Reflective Fire Glass: Round fire glass beads are sometimes available with a semi-reflective finish. While the round beads will not be 100% reflective, you will notice the difference from regular fire glass beads.

Non-Reflective Fire Glass: When your fire pit is lit, non-reflective glass will retain more of its true color than reflected light.

4. Choose your blend

There is no limit to the ways you can combine and mix different types of fire glass, but we do have some favorite choices.

Mixing reflective and non-reflective Original fire glass shows off the color of the glass while still allowing the firelight to play on its surface. If you value both color and lighting effects, this will provide you with the best of both worlds.

Mix multiple colors to create your own unique color palette. We usually recommend 2-3 colors to create a good balance.

A popular new option is to mix lava rock with fire glass to get an exotic look. Rustic natural stone is the perfect backdrop for the glow of fire glass.

Contact us now to find more about fire glass products, we also supplies a variety of decorative glass products, like glass chips, glass rocks and glass sand in different shapes and colors for different applications in the kitchen counter, exterior wall, courtyard, footpath, swimming pool, fire fit and so on.           

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