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Grinding Beads: Their Broken Causes and Solutions

Usually, the grinding beads that work for a period of time become smaller, the surface is round and smooth without angles, which should be the normal bead wear; on the contrary, if the beads appear with angles, flaky shaped beads, this should be the generation of broken beads.


The cause of broken beads

As far as the beads themselves are concerned, on the one hand, it is the quality of the beads, on the other hand, or the strength of the beads of this material is not capable of using a certain type of sander.

In addition, the grinding beads under the normal operation of the sand mill to be subjected to about 1 kg pressure, compared to the glass beads can withstand about 5000 kg force and zirconium silicate beads 9000 kg, the grinding beads in the sand mill force is insignificant, so the cause of broken beads should focus on the equipment and process, and take the corresponding solutions. 


Broken beads solution way

Mixed use of large and small beads: this kind of situation has signs of improving grinding efficiency at first, but with the lengthening of grinding time, the

The situation of large beads grinding small beads, and finally accelerate the deformation of small beads and even broken. The solution is to use beads of uniform grain size as much as possible.

Mixing of different brands of beads: Because the hardness and density of various beads are not the same, it is easy to produce the situation of hard beads eating soft beads, so this form should be eliminated.

The viscosity of the slurry is too thin or too withered: relative to a certain density of grinding beads, so easy to cause the accumulation of beads and direct contact with the wear parts of the sand mill and accelerate the wear and tear of the beads. 

The flow of material is too fast: this will cause the beads to accumulate at the material outlet and speed up the wear of the beads and sand mill parts here. The solution is to adopt the method of intermittent start-up to loosen the backlog of grinding beads and redistribute them evenly, and then adjust the flow of materials.

From the point of view of force, when the dispersion disk transmits energy to the beads, if the viscosity of the liquid is very low, for example, when cleaning the sand mill with solvent or water, the thrust of the material is not large enough, and the beads may come into contact with the dispersion disk and break. This is an important reason why we recommend to shorten the cleaning time as much as possible.

If the machine is cleaned with a low viscosity liquid, the beads will also wear other beads or contact parts of the grinder. For the longest life of grinding beads and sanders, it is best to use resin for cleaning and to maintain sufficient material viscosity during the production process.


Hollow Glass Beads

Replacement of old and new beads

Often there will be trash or small worn beads attached to screens, shafts, holders, or other corners within the machine. When new grinding beads are added, these small items may become loose from their attachment position and mix into the new beads.

This can cause the illusion that the new bead is immediately broken, when in fact all you see is some natural wear from the previous bead. If the problem is not too big, you can let these little things drain out naturally after a certain period of time. Otherwise, you will have to completely pour out the old beads and replace them with new abrasive beads.

Due to the natural attrition of the beads, the particle size of the beads will become smaller and smaller. In order to maintain a uniform filling and to avoid the fine beads from clogging or entering the separation device, the beads should be sieved and replenished with a certain amount of grinding media depending on the life of the grinding media and the conditions of the user's own process. It is recommended to sieve the beads and add the right amount of new beads after 100 -200 working hours.


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