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Hollow Glass Beads - a Good Partner for High-performance Adhesives

1. Introduction of hollow glass beads

Hollow glass bead is a kind of hollow, small spherical powder containing inert gas. It is a non-metallic inorganic material. It has good features like light weight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, dispersibility, fluidity, and stability. In addition, it also has other excellent performance that some common filler materials do not have, such as low oil absorption, insulation, self-lubricating, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, non-toxic property.

2. Hollow glass beads are a good partner for high-performance adhesives

Hollow glass beads have incombustibility, heat insulation, electrical insulation and chemical inertness in adhesives and sealing materials. They are formulated into microsphere adhesives or microsphere sealants, which can be used to seal aircraft cabin floors or engine compartment firewalls, or used as adiabatic and anti-ablation seal for aerospace systems such as missiles and rockets. As the hollow glass beads significantly reduce the specific gravity of adhesives and sealing materials, they can reduce the weight of aircraft, missiles and other aircraft and improve flight efficiency.

10% hollow glass beads are added to the engine silicone sealant, which effectively improves the initial pressure resistance of the engine silicone sealant, so that the engine silicone sealant has a better instant seal and a high bonding strength that satisfies the use requirements of engine components during assembly.

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