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How Much You Know about Reflective Glass Beads?

Did you know that this kind of reflective glass beads appears in our field of vision as a new material and has been favored by many consumers because of its special properties? Let us introduce the glass bead manufacturer to you To give you a better understanding of it.

Reflective glass beads can be customized according to different customer needs. The intensity and afterglow time of the product's luminescence can be determined according to its use and luminous intensity.

In the process of using reflective glass beads, different substances can be directly added to achieve its role. Reflective glass beads are because when light hits an object such as a lens, it is refracted and focused, and then reflected from the focal point and then returned to the direction of the light source through the refraction of the lens, resulting in reflective brightness, which can make drivers and nighttime workers in the dark You can also see the front or obstacles.

Reflective glass bead powder can be used in reflective paint, reflective cloth, film, logo and other places. Because reflective glass beads have good retroreflective properties, they can be widely used in many places such as mines, fire protection, ports, etc. Of course, they can also be used as safety signs to provide users with security protection.

Glass beads are the mainstream materials of the 21st century and are a good non-metallic product. Insulating glass beads are one of the more special types. Even professional glass bead manufacturers do not dare to be sloppy.

How to make glass beads

The production technology of glass microbead industry is very advanced, so how to make hollow glass beads? Glass beads are widely used in various industries, some of which have multiple uses. So the production technology is very important. Now let's understand the production process of hollow glass beads.

The other production steps of this product are the same as the production of general products, that is, the step of preparing the hollow is different. A little carelessness in this step will affect the use of hollow glass spheres. The density of hollow glass spheres is very low, only 0.20-0.60. Because of the low density, this product is easy to apply.

The reason why there is such a low density is because the manufacturer has advanced, one of the steps in production is to wrap the air in the product, which results in a hollow structure. Although it is hollow, it is used in the fields of plastics, explosives, chemicals and building materials. The application of hollow glass spheres includes most industries.

Reflective glass beads are a new type of inorganic material that can maintain the temperature for a long time. The application range of glass beads is extremely wide. They are mainly widely used in construction, daily necessities, urban roads, etc. School bags, shoes and hats are applied to glass beads.

Stained glass beads belong to one kind of glass beads. Colored glass beads not only have all the advantages of glass beads, but also have colorful colors, and can give people a good feeling. Stained glass beads can be widely used in process manufacturing because of their bright appearance, as well as artificial ornamental materials such as agate and marble.

Reflective glass beads have better heat insulation performance. Products made of glass beads are much lighter than products made without colored glass beads. Colored glass beads will not fade even after long-term use .

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