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How to Select Stained Glass Beads with High Quality?

How to Select Stained Glass Beads with High Quality

1. Look at impurities: as the stained glass beads belong to the secondary molding production process, most glass bead factories use the flame floating method to produce glass beads. The raw material is recycled glass, and impurities will be involved in the production process and raw materials. This kind of impurities is manifested in black spots in the products, which cannot be avoided.

However, the impurities in stained glass beads of high-quality should be as little as possible . When you put a handful of glass beads in your hand, if the naked eye can see 3-4 black spots, the product is of top grade. If there are less than three black spots, the product is the best! Normal condition is that there are 5-6 black spots. The product with over eight black spots is in slightly poor quality. If there are more than ten black spots, the product is inferior or unqualified.

2. Touch glass beads: put a small amount of stained glass beads in your hands and rub them. If you feel smooth and mellow, it means that they are of high roundness, good sphericity and good quality. If you feel sluggish or row-hand, they are defective products.

3. Shake glass beads: put the stained glass beads in a container and shake them left and right or up and down, then observe the stratification. Although glass beads belong to the combination products with different particle sizes, the particle proportion of each segment has a range, so the stratification will be more uniform without too large drop.

If you see that there are many or even half fine particles in the form of powder after delamination, this glass bead product must be unqualified. Under normal conditions, fine particles will not exceed 10% of the total amount. If there are too many fine particles, products will be unqualified.

The glass bead is widely used in road marking. This kind of glass bead is a kind of very small glass bead which is made of glass sand as raw material and melted at high temperature. It can’t be seen with our naked eyes, only under the microscope can we see it. For example, their diameters are very small with a strong refractive index, so as to give a warning to the  vehicles driving at night.

Like industrial polished glass beads, they are widely used in industry. They can be used as intensifiers, additives, etc., and can also be used to clean aircraft engine turbines, blades, shafts, etc. Such tiny glass beads can always play an unexpected role in many fields.

To sum up, the reason why the glass bead can play such a huge role mainly depends on its characteristic. The products sold in our factory are worthy of customers'trust.

Glass beads have the advantages of light weight and high strength, which can achieve the shaping effect of toys. At the same time, glass beads also have the advantages of wear-resistant stability and high chemical stability. These characteristics can ensure the safety of glass beads as toy fillers, so that consumers can use them at ease.

The production process of glass beads

The production process of glass beads is that the glass sand is fired at high temperature, and cooled into shape, and the size of the specifications we need is selected through the vibrating screen. This is a process of physical change. The diameter of the glass beads used for toy filling is generally between 1-6mm.

1. The production of glass beads uses high-quality glass as raw material to ensure that the color of glass beads produced is good.

2. Compared with glass yarn, the glass bead used for toy filling is only different in diameter. There is no change in material composition, the main components are sio2.

3. In order to make the filled toys have good forming effect and hand feeling, the shape and size uniformity of glass beads are required to be high, and the rounding rate of glass beads  should be higher than 90%. It should be strictly checked when screening to ensure that the size of glass beads is uniform.

4. As toys are skincare products, we must pay attention to the safety of the products in the production process.

5. The selected glass beads must be smooth and free of impurities.

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