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The Importance of Glass Beads for Driving at Night

Many people driving at night may be quite clear about that and often found that the traffic signs on the roadside are very bright. However, people may not be clear about the cause of this phenomenon. Then, what is the significance of the application of reflective glass beads on the road?

The significance of the application of reflective glass beads on the road

The glass bead is a newly developed material in recent years. It has a wide range of uses and special properties. It has a very small diameter, light weight, and high strength. When it is added to the coating, it can be used to make the reflective coating that adults need. At the same time, it has a very strong reverse regression reflection performance, which can reflect light directly to the backlight to a large extent. Therefore, there is a strong regression reflection effect, and the application of reflective glass beads on-road safety performance has been improved greatly.

The paint added with reflective glass beads on the road can complete the reminder function of the night signs without any additional power supply. Therefore, the application of reflective glass beads in traffic signal signs, outdoor facilities, road markings, and other night warning signs can greatly improve the night recognition of these signs, play a very good role in guiding and warning, and provide a stronger security line for drivers who drive at night.

High index reflective glass beads are widely used in real life. At the same time, its application is of great significance. Our company is one of the glass bead media suppliers, we specializes in the production of reflective glass beads with stable product performance and favorable prices. Welcome to buy!

We found that in many living buildings, glass beads are often used in residential buildings. Why does this happen? Why are high-performance hollow glass beads used in the construction field?

The high-performance hollow glass beads have very good advantages. It has a good anti-corrosion effect, good anti-leakage effect in the actual use process, and it also shows very good effect in the specific use process. Its heat preservation effect is suitable for outdoor use, and its corrosion resistance is obvious, so this kind of 3M hollow glass beads are very common in the field of architecture!

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