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Method of Separating Hollow Glass Beads

At present, the hollow glass microbeads are sorted from ash, which can be roughly divided into two methods. One is to use a dry method to sort hollow microbeads; the other is to use a wet method to sort hollow glass microbeads.

The specific adoption method can be determined according to the actual situation. In China, the dry mechanical sorting method is adopted, and there is a sorting hollow glass microbead equipment of gravity separation sieve system, which can process 30t fly ash daily. This set of sorting process includes the selection of hollow microbeads and can select a variety of particle sizes of iron, carbon, and hollow glass microbeads.

The hollow glass microbead sorting

The hollow glass microbead sorting device consists of three main parts, namely a sorter, a separator, and a collector. The separator is a gravity separation method. The separator is composed of three sedimentation boxes of different sizes. At the lower part of each sedimentation box, there is a discharge device. When the airflow containing fly ash enters through the air inlet pipe In the settlement tank, due to the increase of the cross-section of the airflow channel, the gas flow rate rapidly decreases, and the fly ash is gradually reduced by the gravity itself. According to the principle of the equal drop, heavier coarse particles and honeycomb glass body Most of the quartz, mullite, solid beads, iron beads, and large carbon particles are settled in the separator.

There are also some small hollow glass microbeads, ultrafine microbeads, etc. that enter the separator with the airflow. The separator uses the inertial centrifugal force acting on the particles during the rotation of the airflow to separate the particles from the airflow. The main form of the separator is a cyclone separator group. The small hollow microbeads passing down the channel of the subsidence box enter the separator with the airflow. After the separation of the two-stage cyclone separator group, most of the small hollow microbeads can be separated. Come out, the remaining very small amount of ultra-fine beads enter the collector with the airflow.

The collector is at the end of the sorting device. It is both a purification treatment device and a collector for recovering ultrafine beads. The process uses a pulse bag collector, which can collect most of the ultra-fine beads not selected by the separator.

The prices of glass microbeads produced by different manufacturers are different, and the reason is very simple. The glass microbeads produced by different manufacturers are slightly different from material selection to production.

How to choose glass beads

So when choosing glass beads, the price is only a reference. Whether the price and the quality of the product are consistent is another matter. Then choose a glass bead manufacturer with more advanced processing equipment and a better reputation, then they can ensure that the price of glass beads is more reasonable, and there will be more outstanding performance in terms of reliability, so how to choose better especially important.

Whether it is domestic or imported glass microbeads, they must ensure that the basic performance meets the requirements for use. For example, high strength, high abrasion resistance, low thermal conductivity, good insulation, etc., so it is only better in related quality, and naturally has a good performance in reliability, so it is worth our attention Link. It is precise because different types of glass beads will have different sales prices in the market, so it is necessary to have a better grasp.

Of course, we also see that for reliable glass microbeads, it can greatly improve the quality of the product and ensure that it can perform well in terms of reliability, so it must be better grasped.

The price of road marking glass beads has never been a designated price, which must take into account processing materials, processing equipment, and other aspects. Our company has domestic advanced production lines and quality control systems. TENROADS can customize and produce glass beads of various models, functions, and colors according to the requirements of customers. 

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