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Note on the Use of Anti-fire Glass

1. Classification of anti-fire glass

anti-fire glass is a new type of building fire protection material, which is mainly used to make fire doors, firewalls, fire partitions, etc. In Europe, anti-fire glass is divided into monolithic integral type and composite insulation type. According to the fire resistance grade, anti-fire glass can be divided into three grades: 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The role of anti-fire glass in fire prevention is mainly to control the spread of fire or to prevent smoke. It is a measure-type fireproof material, and its fireproof effect is evaluated by fire resistance. anti-fire glass mainly includes laminated composite fireproof glass, laminated fireproof glass, special anti-fire glass, hollow anti-fire glass, and high-strength monolithic cesium potassium anti-fire glass.

2. Precautions for the use of anti-fire glass 

As a new building fire protection product, anti-fire glass has been adopted by more and more buildings, but there are no special specifications and standards for the design inspection of this type of product. There are three aspects to pay attention to when designing. The first is the application of anti-fire glass to the design of curtain walls and partitions is not simply a matter of changing the non-fire resistant materials used in curtain walls or partitions to anti-fire glass, and not to replace ordinary glass with anti-fire glass, but to consider it as a fire protection system. The second is the fire resistance level that the anti-fire glass curtain wall and partition can achieve, which needs to be determined by comprehensively considering the fire resistance level of the various factors of the entire system. Subjective speculation may lead to mistakes, which need to be determined by testing if necessary. The third is that when designing and selecting anti-fire glass, it is necessary to pay attention to the corresponding relationship between the size of the glass plate and the fire resistance level.

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