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Process and Application of Road Reflective Glass Beads

With the continuous development of China's glass bead technology, perfect use of glass beads in more fields are presented to people. Glass beads are the most common adornment accessories in the advanced society, which are widely used in the fields of clothing, shoes, hats, handicrafts and other decorative fields. Today, China also produces reflective glass beads for road.

Reflective glass beads are also divided into two categories: one is ordinary glass beads, which are mainly used for road coating, the other is high refractive index glass beads, which are mainly used for reflective weaving, which are widely used in the clothes of traffic police and highway signs, so what are the specific manufacturing processes of glass beads?

Specific manufacturing processes of glass beads

The first step is to make all kinds of ball-shaped roughcasts by using advanced technology;

The second step is to put the roughcasts into a grinding disc with the same size, add oil and coarse abrasive to carry out rough grinding;

The third step is that when the primary grinding is completed, the oil and coarse abrasive adhering to the surface of the ball shall be cleaned;

The fourth step is to put the rough ground roughcasts into the fine grinding machine, add oil and fine abrasive for fine grinding;

The fifth step is to carry on polishing. The polishing process is similar to that of coarse grinding and fine grinding.

In the series of glass beads, the road reflective glass beads can be said to be the most widely used. Road reflective glass beads are mainly made of borosilicate, light and good chemical preparation. The main feature is the strong internal structure stability. If the road reflective glass beads are processed specially, the road marking reflective glass beads can have the effect of lipophilic and hydrophobic.

In addition,  road reflective glass beads are also widely used in artificial agate by consumers. Marble and other composite materials, so that it not only can play a role in reducing weight but also can play the effect of sound insulation so that the products will have cracking and processing.

The application of road reflective glass beads can be divided into three categories:

1. The road light-emitting glass beads are used for surface spreading in normal temperature and hot-melt standard construction, which plays a role of timely reflection.

2. Road reflective glass beads are often used as premixed materials, which can ensure long-term reflection of marking line within the life span.

3. It is also often used to spray glass beads on the surface of the normal temperature solvent coating line.

The manufacturer of road marking glass beads will be arranged for you: the reflection of marking is from the glass beads in the coating in advance and the glass beads spread on the coating surface. If the roundness index and refractive index of glass beads are high and the particle size distribution is reasonable, the reflective effect of markings will be good.

The particle size of glass beads is matched in a certain proportion to ensure that the glass beads in the marking coating adhere firmly. Here are a few:

1. In the process of use, glass beads of different sizes are exposed and fall off successively with the wear of the marking line, so that the marking line can continue to reflect light. The graded glass beads should comply with JT/T 446~2001 “glass beads for road marking”.

2. A large number of on-site test data prove that the glass beads scattered on the premixed surface often fail to meet the requirements listed in the table above, and the glass beads of various particle sizes are not graded properly, and even some of them are out of grade, which affects the continuous reflective performance of the markings line.

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