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Main Uses of Coated Glass Beads

1. Its chemical composition is inert silicon dioxide, without the concern of chemical activity interference;

2. It is a round elastic particle, which is impact-resistant and can be recycled many times with less loss;

3. It is less abrasive to spray and can extend the life of the nozzle;

4. The ball surface will not damage the machining surface and precision size;

5. After processing, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and has a special aesthetic feeling to improve the value of the product.

6. It is suitable for dry and wet sandblasting;

7. It is easy to show up after wet blasting with fine glass beads for the fine crack of metal.

8. The processed workpiece has advantages such as matting effect, outstanding metal color, good rust prevention and so on, with no need for acid washing and rust removal treatment:

1. For beading aviation parts, remove their stress to increase fatigue strength, and reduce friction and wear;

2. Sandblasting can remove rust, paint, carbon accumulation, and knife marks in machining;

3. The anode treatment and treatment before plating can not only clean but also increase the adhesion;

4. Aesthetic processing such as cleaning the weld path of stainless steel workpiece and removing surface scratches;

5. Cleaning and rust removal of wire cutting molds;

6. Remove dirt from rubber mold;

7. Reflective use of road markings;

8. For the appearance of decorative art; shape: spherical.

When spreading glass beads for road marking paint on the road, it should be noted that the reasonable amount of glass beads for road marking paint should be 0.3~0.4kg m2. Generally, glass beads for road marking paint need to be mixed together with different sized glass beads, as it allows the glass beads on the surface of the paint to reflect after drying. When the road marking paint film is gradually worn down, the large glass beads on the surface come off, and the small glass beads embedded in the paint film are rubbed out in turn, then continue to reflect light, thus the road marking paint can always maintain its reflective properties.

As requirements for the construction of the scribing paint, first, the construction area needs to be closed. Then, the isolated pavement needs to be cleaned and the areas where moisture is present can be baked or left to dry completely naturally; Furthermore, it is necessary to use a ruler to carefully measure and delineate the lines under the requirements of the drawings, to prepare for the construction of the delineation paint; Again, carry out spraying construction, after the construction needs to carefully check whether the marking paint spraying complete, if found defects, immediately repair it. Finally,  open the traffic after the road marking paint does not stick to the tires.

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