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Specific Characteristics of Peening Glass Beads

Not only is the sprayed glass microbeads used in the construction of highways, but we will also use the sprayed glass microbeads in our daily life. The following introduces the specific characteristics of shot glass beads. There is also a certain understanding that when using it in the future, there will be no problems.

First of all, the properties of shot-peened glass beads are well known. It is a soft and hard material. At the same time, its production is mainly made of high-quality materials.

The second is that it also has a certain mechanical strength, has good elasticity, can be reused, and is not easily broken, and has a longer service life, which is up to 3 times the service life of ordinary glass beads.

Then there is the good application of shot-peened glass microbeads. Its strength is very uniform. After use, the brightness coefficient of each part during the blasting can be kept uniform, and it is not easy to leave a watermark. Glass bead is a kind of abrasive material. Compared with other materials, its service life is very long. It is mainly made of non-alkaline soda-lime glass material. It has good chemical stability and will not affect The processed metal causes any contamination.

Shot blasted glass beads have a smooth surface without any impurities and have a good finish. They are essential materials in related industries. The application range of different types of glass microbeads is also different. Other glass products are well received by new and old customers in the market. TenRoads products have high-quality assurance and have been widely sold in various regions of the country.

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