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The Immediate Benefits of Glass Beads for Road Marking

Glass beads have been a major driver of road safety advances for many years, and in this blog we'll cover some of the more obvious benefits of this reflective and highly visible material. 

Reflective road paint beads play an important role in traffic safety because of their retro-reflective properties. This property allows drivers to see road markings more realistically at night and in wet conditions. When a car's headlight beam hits a road marking with integrated reflective glass bead powder, the line stripes light up and become less complex when seen at night. This effect is called retro-reflection.

Glass beads for road marking paint can be divided into mixed type and drop-in type and mixed type, which should be added directly to the road marking paint and stirred well. Meanwhile, the drop type is drawn in the road marking instead of spraying directly on the dry coating reflective micro glass beads. The spherical glass beads improve the visibility of road markings after dark and they also improve the durability of the coating medium, making the lines last longer and helping them to become more visible.


What are the benefits?

Glass beads can be added to paint as a premixed or drip coating option, and once the paint is applied to the highway surface, it offers many immediate advantages, including

Coated glass beads have a high reflective value, which makes them ideal for use on highway with heavy rainfall because they are easily detected.    

Uncoated glass beads can be added to road markings to improve their visibility at night, making it safer to drive on the road after dark.

You can use a variety of bead sizes, which are equally suitable for water-based or solvent-based road marking paints, and can also be used with other thermoplastic materials.

Glass beads work well as drop-in applications, and you can premix them with your choice of paint or thermoplastic material, depending on your preferred material.

Road marking glass beads are chemically inert, which makes them an environmentally friendly material.

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