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The Main Purpose of Coating Glass Beads

The characteristics of coating glass beads:

1. The chemical composition is inert silica, which has no interference concerns about chemical activity;

2. It is a circular elastic particle, impact resistant, and can be cycled many times with little loss;

3. It has low abrasion to spray and prolongs the service life of the nozzle;

4. It is a spherical surface, which will not damage the processing surface and precise dimensions;

5. After treatment, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and has a special aesthetic sense, which improves the value of the product;

6. It is suitable for dry and wet blasting operations;

7. If there are fine cracks in the metal, it is easy to show it after wet sandblasting with fine glass beads;

8. The processed workpiece has a matt effect, highlights the true color of the metal, and does not rust. It does not require pickling and rust removal.

The purposes of glass beads in road marking:

1. It can bead strike aviation parts, eliminate its stress to increase fatigue strength and reduce friction and wear;

2. It can blast sand, remove rust, paint, carbon deposits, and machine marks;

3. It can be anodized and pre-plated; in addition to cleaning, it can increase adhesion;

4. It is used for aesthetic processing such as the cleaning of the weld bead of the stainless steel workpiece and the removal of scratches on the surface;

5. It is used for cleaning and rust removal of wire-cutting molds;

6. It is used to remove dirt from rubber molds;

7. It is used for reflective road marking;

8. It is used to decorate the appearance of artworks; its shape is spherical.

When spreading glass beads for road marking paint on the surface of road marking paint, it should be noted that the reasonable amount of glass beads for road marking paint should be 0.3 ~ 0.4kg / ㎡. The glass beads for road marking paint generally need to be intermix glass beads, because in this way, after the paint film is dried, the glass beads exposed on the surface of the paint film play a reflective role. When the road marking paint film is gradually worn away, the large glass beads on the surface fall off, the small glass beads embedded in the paint film are sequentially rubbed out, and continue to reflect, so that the road marking paint can always maintain the reflective performance.

Construction requirements for marking paint

Firstly, the construction area needs to be closed before construction. Secondly, the isolated pavement needs to be cleaned, and the parts with moisture can be baked or wait for it to dry naturally. Thirdly, according to the requirements of the drawings, carefully measure with a ruler and carefully mark the line to prepare for the construction line paint. Fourthly, carry out spraying construction, and after the construction is completed, you need to carefully check whether the marking paint is sprayed completely, and repair it if you find any defects. Finally, after the marking paint is not sticky, open the traffic.

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