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The Main Use of Abrasive Glass Beads

1. Introduction of abrasive glass beads

Glass beads are essentially a kind of glass bead abrasive. The abrasive beads are mainly powered by compressed air to perform shot blasting or finishing on the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned. The use of abrasive glass beads is very wide.

2. The main use of abrasive glass beads

First of all, the abrasive beads can effectively remove the clogging material in the piston and cylinder, and effectively remove the waste edge burr of the circuit board.

Secondly, the abrasive beads can be used to clean various molds such as forging, glass, rubber and plastic. And it can polish medical equipment tools and auto parts to restore its bright and shiny surface.

Thirdly, the abrasive beads can effectively clean the parts such as motors, brush rotors, and coils during overhaul.

Finally, the abrasive beads can clean various metal pipes and non-ferrous metal casting parts and remove burrs for them. The abrasive beads can also be used for shot peening and finishing of textile machinery parts.

The above is the main uses of the abrasive beads, which can achieve various functions such as finishing, removing burrs, cleaning parts, shot peening, which are trusted by users. Lang Fang Ten Roads Glass Products Co.,Ltd. has high-quality products and good services. Welcome to contact and purchase.

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