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The Price of Petroleum Goes Up

In September, affected by the demand of the terminal market, the price of petroleum resin was generally raised, and the maintenance and repair of the source port (equipment failure) brought some influence to the supply of petroleum resin in the central city.

Titanium dioxide continued to increase the price

In the terminal hot melt coating market, some small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui Province have started to raise the price by RMB 50/ton, the hot melt coating terminal market, and the low-end hot-melt marking paint (according to industry standards: hot-melt common type, hot-melt reflective type) The cost pressure is increasing

The price of hot-melt dry and wet continuous anti-cursor line coating is basically stable, and its technical requirements are high (the internally mixed glass bead grade, organic content, titanium dioxide content, etc. must be detailed requirements), the price is still stable in the market.

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