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The Use of Marking Beads in Parking Lots

1. When entering a parking lot, if drivers are not familiar with the internal structure and its geographical condition, they can reach their destination quickly, accurately and smoothly under the guidance of traffic signs, road marking beads lines and other transportation facilities.

2. When there is dark light in the underground parking lot, drivers can quickly and accurately read the content of the sign, clearly find the guidance of the ground marker, and make the corresponding judgment in advance.

3. In the case of many obstacles, narrow channels, and limited sight distance, drivers in the underground parking lot can safely drive under the warning of various traffic signs, elevation signs and ground signs, which can eliminate and reduce unnecessary traffic accidents or vehicle damage, and improve the management ability and economic benefits of the parking lots.

Lane dividers and arrows are collectively referred to as ground markers, which have a  function of traffic control and guidance and vehicle position adjustment, and are used in conjunction with traffic signs. The use of ground marking is mainly characterized by good visibility during the day and night, strong adhesion to the road surface, high bonding strength, good abrasion resistance and moderate price. According to the characteristics of the parking lot, hot-melt reflective road marking beads are recommended. Hot-melt reflective road marking consists of hot-melt marking paint and road marking beads. It has good visibility during the day and night, strong adhesion to the ground, good wear-resistance, and durability. It has a validity of more than 5 years in the parking lot and is widely used at home and abroad.

Hot-melt reflective marking procedures: clean up the construction site, put the line, check, primer, paint, complete the final inspection, draw arrows to indicate the direction of the vehicle, point to A, B, C and other different parking lots, and number parking lots. It can be divided into C01-CXX, B01-BXX and A01-AXXX by area. Unlucky numbers can be omitted, the digital font can be white and the font size and format can be 1000-1200 bold. Draw a no-parking grid at each intersection in the travel lane to remind drivers of the distance behind the intersection, and to remind vehicles that this is an important section of the road where parking is prohibited to ensure smooth and safe travel.

The safety design of the car park epoxy flooring is as follows:

1. To improve the visibility of the parking column surface and avoid touching the column surface when reversing, black and yellow twisted zebra markings are used at the upper 1.0-1.2 meters of the column surface.

2. Non-slip floor is used for vehicle entrance and exit ramps, which has been considered by some parking lots during civil construction. The ground should be made corrugated and uneven. In this case, it is only necessary to roll the color of vehicular access. When non-slip requirements are not considered in the civil construction design, non-slip floor is used for floor construction, and then right size of anti-slip aggregate according to the ramp slope will be selected.

3. Parking limiters should be set at the rear of parking spaces. In general, the parking block is 1.2m from the front of the parking space to ensure that the vehicle will not collide during parking and affect the opening of the trunk at the same time.

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