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The Work Principle of Glass Beads

Glass bead, a small bead plays an important role in life, and the reflective glass beads on the road also reduce many road hazards.

There are many kinds of glass bead specifications, suitable for different places. Different specifications of shot peened glass beads have different uses, so what are the specifications of glass beads?

Specifications of glass beads

There are different places to use glass beads, but the sizes and specifications used in different places are different. When selecting in different places, pay attention to whether the selection specifications are suitable.

Because the current manufacturers are using advanced glass bead equipment, they not only can produce different specifications of products but also greatly reduce the defects of products. This kind of product can be used in medical devices, so there can not be a little careless in the production of the glass bead. Glass beads used in the coating is relatively small, at this time the purpose of the use is to increase the life and quality of the coating. This kind of product also has relatively large specification but it is rarely seen in life.

But no matter what kind of specifications, they have the same characteristics, that is high hardness and strong elasticity, which make the quotation of this kind of glass bead slightly higher than that of other products.

When manufacturing glass beads, it is important to pay attention to not only specifications but also uniformity, because uniformity will determine the effect of use. Our factory produces all kinds of glass bead specifications, and the quality is very good, our glass beads wholesale price is affordable, welcome to choose the specifications you need.

Nowadays, glass beads are more and more widely used. The road signs are brushed after infiltrating glass beads because this can make the route more obvious.

Glass beads are also used in sandblasting, shot peening and grinding; Glass beads are also used in some sophisticated instruments, such as medical devices, airplanes and so on. In the reflective material industry, reflective materials are divided into four levels according to the convention: advertising level, engineering level, high-strength level, and diamond level; But according to its essence, it can be divided into three types: rare earth reflective type, glass bead reflective type and micro-prism reflective type.

Reflective principle of glass beads:

1. Rare earth reflective type: using visible light (Electromagnetic wavelength is 0.77-0.39 microns) to activate elements in rare-earth luminescent materials, such as the Eu3+, Dy3+. The stored light can emit the yellow-green light of 450~600nm wavelength in the dark. Based on this principle, rare earth luminescent materials are applied to reflective materials.   

2. Micro-prism structure: the micro-prism technology is different from the reflection principle of glass beads used by ordinary reflective films. After each micro-prism cube is linked and arranged, a precise reflection array is formed. The reflective film of this technology has not only increased the reflective efficiency several times but also greatly improved the wide-angle performance. It is also the only reflective material with long-distance and wide-angle.

3. Reflective type of glass bead structure: the aluminum plating on the back half surface of glass beads with a high refractive index is used as the back reflector, which has strong reverse reflection performance and can directly reflect most of the light back to the light source, resulting in the reflective brightness.

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