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What are The Uses of Shot Peening Glass Beads

Glass bead It is a new material developed in recent years. Because of its hydrophobic and lipophilic properties, it can be made into a material by itself and integrated into organic materials. Therefore, it has indelible milestone significance in the process of modern mechanical production and material production.


Application of glass bead

The first major classification of glass beads is shot Peening glass beads. Its main functions are everywhere in life. When you hold the smooth stainless steel stairs, you should think of it; when you nest the smooth medical machinery, you should think of it; when you feel all kinds of smooth stainless steel tubes, non-ferrous metals, you should also think of it.


This is the great contribution of Shot Peening in this respect. It's surface metal products are more wear-resistant, smooth and acid-base resistant than traditional technology! Fly ash hollow glass bead is also one of the most important categories of glass beads. It can be used not only as composite surface materials of aircraft but also as filling materials of automobile brake pads and various industrial construction industries.


So many applications have determined its unshakable position in life! Of course, there are many other branches of his. The above is only a representative list of two types of glass beads as an introduction.


Glass beads are new materials with stable chemical properties, lightweight and high strength. From the quotation of Hebei glass beads, we can see that the prices of different types and specifications of glass beads are obviously different, so the quality sense that can be brought eventually will be more prominent, so the reliability will be better, and the quality sense that can be brought eventually will be more sufficient.


Glass beads are mainly used in rust removal of aviation machinery, urban zebra crossing, no stop line and various traffic signs at night.


In fact, there are many functions of glass beads, for example, they can also be used in paint and emulsion explosives, so better choice is very important, and can bring a better sense of quality.


In social life, glass beads are often widely used in road signs.


Because the reflective glass bead is good reflective material on the road indicator, this material can well return the strong light on the indicator to the driver's eyes at night, so as to remind the driver to "slow down for construction ahead".

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