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What are Usages of Glass Beads

The new material glass microbeads made from borosilicic acid as raw materials have a wide range of uses. For example, sandblasted glass microbeads can be used as wear-resistant materials or as high-grade thermal insulation coatings, which can be better realized. The aesthetic effect, abrasion resistance, and thermal insulation properties are widely used in artificial agate and artificial marble.

The silver-plated glass beads we provide have a very good performance in improving the color effect of the coating and the corrosion resistance and wear resistance after spraying. Of course, the use of glass spheres is not limited to this. More often, it can also perform well in the production of emulsified explosives, so it is definitely critical to reasonably choose a better supplier.

It is also more affordable to choose the hollow glass beads we provide, so that any time you choose a product, you should start from a more professional perspective, and it will have a more prominent performance than the quality assurance that you ultimately seek. In order to obtain better quality assurance, it is better to make a reasonable choice from a more professional perspective.

Shotblasting glass beads are widely used in various industries due to their advantages of a lightweight, low thermal conductivity and high strength.

Advantages of Shotblasting glass beads

First of all, shotblasting glass beads have both soft and hard characteristics. Because they are produced by using special materials, they have certain mechanical strength. At the same time, they can be used repeatedly. They are not easily broken. More than 3 times.

The uniformity of shotblasting glass beads is very uniform, and it does not leave a watermark. It is superior to any abrasive material, and it is longer than any other medium except metal abrasive materials. Very stable in nature.

Shotblasting glass beads have a good finish and can effectively reach international and domestic standards, so you can definitely use them with confidence.

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