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Guide: What is Fire-Rated Glass?

Fire-rated glass is a special type of decorative glass that is added to outdoor gas fire pits and fireplaces to enhance their aesthetic appeal. In gas fireplaces, depending on its design, fire rated glass can be used as a bed under a faux log. Or, using the appropriate type of burner, it can be used to conceal the burner, allowing the flame to flicker across the glass.


What is fire glass for?

Primarily to provide lustrous color and texture to even the most monotonous of fire features. Depending on the type of fire glass used, it can also provide an attractive shimmer as the light from the flames reflects back off the sheet of glass. What's more, high-quality fire-resistant glass makes fire features look good even when they are not in use. It creates a stylish and attractive look no matter what time of day it is - or if there is a fire burning.


What is fire-resistant glass made of?

Fire-resistant glass is made from tinted glass, very simply. This tinting is achieved by adding metal oxides or metal powders to the glass to change its color. For example, to make blue fireproof glass, cobalt oxide is added to the molten glass to give it a cobalt blue color. Other than the added metal oxide or powder, fireproof glass is completely inert. This means that it contains no combustibles, finishes or additives that would be negatively affected by the heat and flame in the fire pit.


Is ordinary glass OK?

Absolutely not! Putting ordinary glass into a fire is a disaster because it will blacken and melt, or break and burst, sending out sharp shards. Conventional glass with special coatings can produce highly toxic and unpleasant fumes when burned. If you want to fill your outdoor fire pit or fireplace with color and shine, it is important to use glass that is specifically designed for this purpose.



Is fire-resistant glass safe?

Yes. Because fire-resistant glass is made only of glass and contains no chemical additives or plastics, it does not produce any toxic fumes or smoke. This makes fire-resistant glass a smart, clean-burning choice for use in your home with family, friends and pets. You don't have to worry about polluting the air when you burn wood and other combustible materials. In fact, fire-resistant glass is so safe that you don't even need to use a screen like you would with a traditional fireplace. That's because fire-resistant glass is designed to be fire-resistant. It won't burst, pop or spew hot cinders onto the area where you're sitting.


How long will fireproof glass last?

The short answer is, a long time! Because fire-resistant glass is heat resistant and will not melt, burn or discolor, it can technically last 20 years or more.

That said, in most cases, you can expect your new fire glass to last between 4 and 8 years. Over time, exposure to sunlight will reduce the vibrant color of fire glass, so the amount of sunlight your glass receives will affect its lifespan.

Because it does not produce soot or ash, fire rated glass requires minimal maintenance. But like any decorative object, glass collects dust and dirt over time. Fortunately, cleaning your fire rated glass at home is as quick, easy and inexpensive as a new one. Here's how.



The amount of fire glass you need depends on the type of fireproofing you have (i.e., fire pit or fireplace) and the size and style of it. If you buy too little glass, you won't have enough coverage (or flashing). But if you buy too much, you'll be wasting your money.

If you arrived on this page wondering "What is fire glass?" We hope we've answered your question. Now that you've learned about this glossy fire pit media, you're ready to transform your own fire feature from ordinary to extraordinary!

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