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Do You Know What the Road Signs and Markings Mean?

Traffic marking is a traffic safety facility composed of various lines, arrows, words, elevation marks, protruding road markers and roadside line outline markers, etc. marked on the road. It can be used in conjunction with road traffic signs, but also can be used alone. What do all these markings mean? Please follow TENROADS to find out!


What do the road markings mean?


White dashed lines and solid lines

The white dotted line separates the lanes in the same direction and allows for lane changes, while the solid white line does not allow for lane changes and is often used as an extension of the white dotted line before intersections or to separate parking areas on the side of the road.


Yellow solid line

The yellow solid line is used to distinguish the different directions of the lane, generally painted in the middle of the road, the road with more lanes is a double yellow line, the road with fewer lanes is a single yellow line. Regardless of the single yellow line or double yellow line, are prohibited to cross the vehicle, so pressure line driving, overtaking or turnaround is not allowed.


Yellow dotted line

Yellow dashed line is also to distinguish the different directions of the lane, usually set in the narrower road. And regardless of the single yellow line or double yellow line, as long as the dashed line, you can cross the line to lend overtaking or turn around, of course, must be under the circumstances to ensure safety.


Slow down prompt line

Usually at intersections or school entrances and other places on the road, the diamond-shaped markings appear to remind vehicles to slow down.


Diversion lines

The guide line is also an indication marker that appears at intersections, ramps or turnaround lanes to guide vehicles to follow the prescribed route. However, many drivers mistakenly believe that this is a parking area, the ground covered by the guide line is not free to press the line or cross the line of driving, not to mention the parking in the area.


No parking line

If you see the yellow mesh stripes on the road, you should pay attention to the yellow grid area is prohibited from parking, if the distance in front of the queue to pass is not enough, the back of the car should wait outside the grid line, no pressure line parking.


Digital signs

This is easy to read and understand, is the speed requirements for the lane. The white numbers indicate the minimum speed limit for the roadway, while the yellow numbers indicate the maximum speed limit.


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What can road markings do?


(1) Implement lane separation. The use of traffic marking can realize the separation between various types of traffic participants.


(2) Diversion of traffic at level crossings. Using traffic markings, traffic can be organized at level intersections to channelize traffic, guiding pedestrians and various vehicles to travel according to the location and direction shown on the markings, in order to channelize the traffic flow and direction of the intersection, reduce traffic conflict points, and improve the capacity of the intersection.


(3) Forecast the direction of travel, to ensure traffic safety. Through the traffic marking, it can attract the attention of drivers and play a guiding role.


(4) To provide a basis for law-abiding and law enforcement. Traffic marking is not only a guideline for pedestrians and vehicle drivers to follow the location and direction of travel, but also a basis for traffic police to correct traffic violations and determine liability when dealing with traffic accidents.


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Reflective road marking glass beads for road marking can improve the reflective properties of road marking paint. Car lights on the markings with glass beads can reflect back the light from the headlights, allowing drivers to see the direction of travel and improve the safety of night driving.

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