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Which Plastic Varieties Are Hollow Glass Beads Suitable for

1. The chemical composition of hollow glass beads

SiO2: 50%-90%, Al2O3: 10%-50%, K2O: 5%-10%, CaO: 1%-10%, B2O3:0-12%

2. Plastic varieties suitable for hollow glass beads

(1) Hollow glass beads are used for modification of engineering plastics such as nylon, PP, PBT, PC, POM, etc., which can improve fluidity, eliminate glass fiber exposure, overcome warpage, improve flame retardancy, reduce glass fiber consumption, and reduce cost of production.

(2) Hollow glass beads filled with rigid PVC, PP, PE, production of profiled materials, pipes and plates, can make products have good dimensional stability, increase rigidity and heat resistance temperature, improve product cost performance, increase production efficiency, and reduce costs .

(3) Filling in PVC, PE and other cables and insulating sheath materials can improve the high temperature resistance, insulation, acid and alkali resistance of the product and the processing performance of the product, increase the output and reduce the cost.

(4) Filled with epoxy resin copper clad plate can reduce resin viscosity, increase bending strength, improve its physical and mechanical properties, increase glass transition temperature, reduce dielectric constant, reduce water absorption, and reduce cost.

(5) Filling with unsaturated polyester can reduce the shrinkage rate and washing rate of the product, improve the wear resistance and hardness, and has less cavities during lamination and coating. It is used for FRP products, polishing wheels, tools, etc.

(6) Hollow glass beads are filled with silicone resin, which can improve physical and mechanical properties, and a large amount of filling can greatly reduce costs. So it is an ideal material for producing molds.

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