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Why are Reflective Glass Beads Used in Highways?

Road reflective glass beads are widely used in current pavement construction. Reflective glass beads are used on the marking lines of each pavement. So why use road reflective glass beads? Maybe some people are not very clear. Now

Lang Fang Ten Roads Glass Products Co.,Ltd. will introduce the reasons for that.

When everyone was walking on the highway at night, did they find that the road marking lines were clearer? That is because the road reflective glass beads are added to these lines. These glass beads reflect light on the car lights so that everyone can can see the road conditions clearly without affecting normal driving or even causing accidents when the light is relatively dark.

In the same way, the use of road reflective glass beads on the road surface can increase the strength of the road surface and make the entire pavement more resistant to pressure, thereby increasing the service life of the road, so they are often used.

In addition, reflective glass beads are also used on some clothing, because some road maintenance workers may need to work in the middle of the road. At this time, the vehicles passing by quickly, if they are not found, problems are prone to occur, so they need to wear belts. Work clothes with glass beads, so that they can be clearly found, and these things will be affixed to the obstacle signs, all for safety.

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