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Why are Small Reflective Glass Beads So Useful

Nowadays, as the application range of reflective glass microbeads is getting more and more extensive, many friends have begun to understand it and become curious about it. Why can these small beads have such a large effect?

How to make reflective glass beads

Glass beads are an artificial volcanic ash material, which is mainly derived from coal ash emitted from thermal power plants. Before production, firstly, the coal ash powder is crushed into powder, and then added to the combustion filter specially made of glass beads, so that they can be burned in a suspended state.

During the combustion process, all the organic components and combustible materials are burned out, so the silicon aluminum, aluminum, iron calcium that can be burned inside is a symbiotic body of quartz glass and Moreno under a high-temperature state, and their bodies are adequate here. gas.

When the temperature reaches 1400 degrees, a sphere is formed through physical reaction, so that the gas is enclosed within the sphere. Reflective glass microspheres are basically formed. As the temperature in the furnace continues to rise, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction is used. The gas in the sphere is expanded, and the glass beads are formed.

Many friends hope that they can learn about the glass microbead production process preparation method in various ways, mainly because they can master the method of preparation and understand the materials used in the product and the production process. Then, What is the preparation method of the glass microsphere production process?

Below, I will give you a brief introduction, I hope it can help everyone.

In fact, if you want to know the preparation process and method of the process, it is actually very simple. You only need to go to the official website of the glass microbead factory to make an inquiry. However, we need to remind everyone here that everyone When inquiring, should pay attention to the accuracy of the information. If the accuracy of the information you browse is not high, it may cause a certain impact on everyone.

Presumably after the introduction, everyone should be very clear about its configuration process. There are also many friends who consult related staff, and the configuration process uses a lot of materials. So, is the price of Hebei glass beads very expensive? In this regard, I hope everyone can understand more and go to inquire.

In life, there are more and more places where road reflective glass beads are used. Let us elaborate on the important functions of road reflective glass beads. Knowing these functions will not cause any problems when used. Below we Let's talk about it in detail.

Road reflective glass beads are widely used in our lives. Road reflective glass beads can improve the safety of night travel. Tenroads is a professional manufacturer of reflective glass beads and has professional equipment for producing road reflective glass beads and glass bead reflective technology. Personnel, road reflective glass beads have low prices, long service life, and reliable quality.

The main function of reflective glass microbeads is to lay the road markings. The reflective effect with the lights is used to refract light so that friends who drive at night can clearly see the road markings and drive safely.

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