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Why Was Blue Glass Popular in Many Buildings at the End of the Last Century?

At the end of the last century, blue glass chunks were used in many buildings, and reflective blue can be seen everywhere on the street. Many people wondered why blue was so popular at the end of the last century? In fact, there were not only blue glass chunks in the glass used at that time, but brown, blue, and green glass were the main objects used in architecture at that time.

Although colored glass has more functionality than white transparent glass, in fact, the use of colored glass chunks is more because of its beautiful colors. At the end of the last century, colored architectural glass has just been introduced to the market. The use of white glass is too common, and colored glass can be said to represent modern fashion. However, it turns out that colored glass is not suitable for ordinary civil buildings.

The rooms with brown glass windows are a bit dim even when the light is good. If you go in to watch old movies, you can see that the rooms with brown glass have a serious feeling. Because of the color matching of the green glass, the light transmitted into the room is gloomy, and the red glass is self-evident. The bold use of these glasses at that time was based on people's pursuit of color. In the end, the blue glass chunk was the most gentle because it was similar to the color of the sky, so it was widely used.

In addition, there are some objectivity problems. For example, ultra-white glass is more expensive, white transparent glass is easy to be dirty, colored glass is easy to cover and shade, blue glass chunks are more in line with people's imagination of space, which eventually led to the adoption of blue at the end of the last century. There are more colored glass chunks now, the use of glass pays more attention to functionality, such as toughened glass that is not easily broken, and hollow glass specially made to achieve sound insulation and heat insulation.

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